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Auto Rickshaw Day 2019 - Celebrating Drivers

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Three Wheels United has hosted "Auto Rickshaw Day" every year for the past 6 years. This event was started with an aim to bring dignity to the auto driver community and to recognize their importance in our society.

This year we had over 3000 drivers in attendance

Auto Rickshaw day is celebrated on Shankar Nag’s birthday - a movie star and cult hero figure among Bangalore’s auto drivers, due to his performance in the film, Auto Raja.

Local Film Star Mr. Upendra honouring Shankar Nag

at this year's event

We had the honour of Ms. Sowmya Reddy, Member of Legislative Assemble, inaugurating the ceremony

Selected drivers were awarded with medals for going above and beyond for their community, including one driver who had put great effort into returning a customer's belongings that had been left in his vehicle.

Our very own, Cedrick Tandong, was named the "Auto Rickshaw Gem".

Cedrick is highly beloved in the auto rickshaw community, and this year the drivers wanted to let show their appreciation.

Hundreds of electric auto rickshaw test drives took place, peaking many drivers' interest, and growing TWU's pipeline for loan applications

We hope to see you next year! We plan to make 2020 our biggest and best Auto Rickshaw Day yet! Email if you want to learn more about Auto Day and how you can be part of next year's event!

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