Decreasing Pollution and Poverty While Creating a Sustainable Transport System

Financial and Urban Technologies to Finance Low-Carbon Auto Rickshaws

Pollution Reduction

We provide financial support for drivers to choose less polluting auto rickshaws. We finance low carbon vehicles i.e. electric.

Financial Inclusion

We provide fair loans and financial management training for auto rickshaw drivers.


Through cutting edge technology we are able to reduce risk and give fair interest rates on loans -  allowing auto rickshaw drivers to own assets and  double their profits.

Awards & Recognition


Climate Finance Lab

TWU was selected by the Climate Policy Initiative’s Climate Finance Lab as one of the top 3 finance instruments for action on climate change



TWU was selected by ENEA consultancy as one of the top 5 energy access enterprises


EU for Talanoa

TWU was selected by the EU as one of the top 4 innovative ideas for meeting Climate Action Goals worldwide

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