Three Wheels United India Pvt Ltd is proposing an innovative outdoor advertisement space in its auto-rickshaws.

Our Solution

• Static Branding inside auto-rickshaws
• Storage/ display and dissemination of pamphlets /brochures
• Sampling opportunities of FMCG / food products
• Static branding on the exterior of auto-rickshaws
Auto rickshaw advertissement

Why our partners work with us

• Over 1000 vehicles ready-to-go
• Short period for activation (5 days post confirmation from client)
• We are cheaper than other competitors

Why Auto Branding

Large number of Autos ply around the city. Your brand moves on important streets to every nooks and corner of Bangalore City!

• Autos are used as most convenient mode of public transport for short distances
• Average travel time in an auto is 15 minutes, thus dedicated eyeballs for the interior advertisements
• High quality branding opportunity in terms of recall value associated with advertisements on the inside
• Ease of dissemination of information
• Low cost advertisements
• Middle class target group which constitutes largest consumer population.

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