Mallika is one of the first female auto drivers to join TWU’s network. She got a loan from Corporation Bank through the NammaAuto model. TWU provided part of the initial deposit, now she earns Rs 850 per day of which she is able to repay her loan and comfortably manage her family. Her day starts very early in the morning and she operates close to the Railway Stations which she feels is her comfort zone. She has a few regular customers who are very fond of her and use her services on a daily basis. Mallika only works during the day she feels that working in the night is not very safe for women in Bangalore. Mallika is very active in the group meetings, she mentions “the meeting energizes me and the support get from the other male drivers within the group gives me emotional strength to carry on my business. TWU has become my second home and they give me all the support I require.” Mallika’s ambition is to start a training centre for Women Auto Drivers and TWU is in the process of finding ways to fulfil this ambition of Mallika.