Board Members

Cedrick Tandong

Cedrick Tandong Cedrick is a masters graduate from a top French business school, Grenoble Ecole de Management. He has over 7 years experience in business consulting and business development with over 4 years of entrepreneurial experience. He is the CEO and Managing Director of TWU.      

Mahesh Jain

Ramesh Prabhu Mahesh is the CEO of a large IT services company Integra Micro and inventor of the MMS technology.            

Bart Meijs

Bart Meijs Bart brings extensive experience in impact investment and entrepreneurship from his role as Chief Business Development Officer at Enviu. He co-founded and managed the InReturn East Africa Fund, investing in small and medium enterprises for impact and profit.        

Stef Van Dongen

Stef Van Dongen CEO and founder of Enviu, Netherlands, a pioneer in the field of sustainability and innovation.            

Dankert Vervat

Dankert Vervat Dankert is the director of the ALTCOM Holding company located in the Netherlands. He actively seeks global opportunities for expansion of this company, focusing on USD +100 mio projects in all infrastructure (roads, bridges, tunnels, airports), and construction disciplines (airports, industrial).          

Management Team

Cedrick Tandong

Cedrick Tandong Cedrick leads the company as CEO and Managing Director. He brings onboard his experience in business management and project management.        

Maggie Thomas

Maggie Thomas Maggie works as a full time community manager. She has over 20 years of experience in the social sector directly engaging with the community.